Learning How to Meditate...
and Making Healthy Living Choices for Self Healing

This site offers a wealth of information on how to meditate, including resources for meditation technique, guided meditation, daily meditation, creative visualization, self knowledge, and meditation for lower back pain. There are also many tools for energy-based meditation, including the aura, chakras, energy channels, and many more. You can scroll down the page for more detailed information on how to meditate...

Lady Meditating in Blue Sky
Meditation Technique
There are many different variations on meditation technique. These range from creative visualization to Zen and Buddhist practices, to Yoga and energy-based meditation (aura, chakras, energy channels, etc.). These also range from very basic to highly advanced meditation techniques. For this website, we have selected grounded meditations that offer clear directions and powerful healing. This simple meditation technique is suitable for beginners...

Aura Meditation
(chakras & energy channels)

Energy-based Aura Meditation develops your awareness of energy. As you progress, you can gain deeper self-awareness, release major personal blocks, and connect with higher spiritual dimensions. Aura meditation works with tools such as centering, grounding, the aura, chakras, major energy channels, emotions, etc. It ideally compliments energy-based spiritual healing and psychic reading. Find out more on aura meditation.

Meditation & Brain Training
Combining meditation and state-of-the-art technology, brain training helps you get to a deeply peaceful and balanced inner place in just a few days. Based on the brain patterns of Tibetan monks in meditation, brain training supports spiritual awareness, ability to meditate, deep sleep and many other benefits. Using sophisticated computer technology, EEG equipment and a zero-gravity chair, brain training offers far more than any CD ever could: this is the leading-edge in the field of neuroscience. Find out more about Meditation & Brain Training.

Guided Meditation
When learning to meditate, most people struggle with chatty brains. They sit down to meditate and they're thinking away, engaged in thought after thought. Without guided meditation, it is almost impossible for most beginners to stay focussed. Guided meditation makes it easy to close your eyes, relax, have experiences, and gain new awareness.

Daily Meditation
Once you start to get the hang of meditating, you realize it really works! But everything seems to want to distract and pull you away from regular meditation practice. Then you are faced with some deep choices... Gaining an increasingly spiritual perspective on yourself, others and the world around, you realize there are many rewards to daily meditation.

Creative Visualization
Creative visualization is a light, fun form of meditation that is especially useful for creating what you really want in life. You create in four main ways: as spirit, as body, through others, or through fear and resistance. For creating consciously--as spirit, meditating to support manifesting works ideally. These are 5 key steps for effective creative visualization.

Developing Self-knowledge
Knowing yourself is the key to better living. Self-knowledge is a lot about weeding out all the programs, messages, images, beliefs, expectations--all the energies--that do not actually belong to you. Learning how to meditate is the best way to develop self-knowledge.

Meditation to Ease Lower Back Pain
Lower back pain is commonly caused by holding tension. When you recognize the causes of your stress, you can take steps to reduce the sources of tension and choose effective alternatives for healing. Along with exercise, meditation is one of the best ways to release tension, ease lower back pain, and prevent injury.

Key to Learning How to Meditate
Meditation is an amazing tool. You can learn to be more relaxed, promote healing, gain deeper self-awareness, release major personal blocks, and connect with higher spiritual dimensions. Meditation is a truly remarkable process. But there is an important key to learning how to meditate.

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