Define Auras...Colors, Shapes, Sizes and More

This site offers a wealth of information to define auras, chakras and healing your spiritual energy system. You will find unique insights on everything from aura colour meanings and aura cleansing, to hidden emotions and clairvoyant reading, to chakra meditations and kundalini energywork.

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Aura Color Meanings
There is a common misunderstanding that your energy field is only one particular color. But the many parts of your energy system can change colors often. To help define auras, find out about the different aura colors meaning.

Different Aura Shapes
How you respond to your life's experiences affects the shape of your energy system in many ways. Possible shapes include being fuzzy, walled-off from others, spiky in shape, and a healthy neutral stance. What is the shape of your aura and energy field?

Is your aura energy field large, small, absent, or healthy and balanced? Find out about aura sizes.

Are you putting your energy out in front of your body, out back, up above, or are you being present and centering in the now? Define auras more and more on aura positions.

Energy Dynamics in Relationship
Common energy patterns between people include having blurred boundaries, playing power games, being emotionally enmeshed, and having healthy boundaries. Learn more about aura dynamics.

Hidden Emotions
Your own emotional energies can also build up in your energy system. It is key to find healthy ways to express and process hidden emotion stored in your energy field.

Kundalini energy is a powerful part of your energy system which is sometimes activated through life crisis. You can also learn to harness this powerful kundalinienergy to promote healing and spiritual awareness.

Spiritual Channeling
We all have the ability to channel energy through our spiritual energy system. In daily life, it is common for people to channel energies without realizing it. As you develop awareness of what you're channeling, you can learn to bring in higher vibrations that are healing for you and others. Find out more about channeling.