Healing, Color Interpretation, and Meditation

This site offers a wealth of information on chakras, including chakra healing, chakra guided meditation, chakra colors, a chakra chart, and insights on color interpretation. There are also many other useful resources on auras, spiritual healing, psychic reading, and how to meditate.

The Seven Energy Centers
...are vital energy and information centers, like vortexes, where spiritual energy flows into the body. They are located in line with the spine. Each energy center contains information relating to different aspects of being. See a detailed description of the unique functions and blockages of the seven centers.

Chakra Healing
...involves increasing awareness, releasing blocks and creating more flow through these energy centers. Also learn about the energy centers in the hands and feet. Discover the most effective tools for balancing & healing the energy centres.

Chakra Colors
...can change and these energy centers can contain different colors at the same time. Your mood, what you’re experiencing, and other people's energies...these all determine the chakra colors. See more on chakra colors and the spiritual energy centers.

Guided Meditation Chakra
...develops awareness of energy, supports releasing personal blocks, and helps you create a healthy flow in your system. Practice centering & grounding, and give yourself a healing with this meditation for the 7 energy centers.

The Chakra Reference Chart
...outlines the seven major energy centers, their location, function, the associated gland, and symbolic image. This chart is a useful reference for healers, meditators, readers, or anyone interested in spiritual energy. See reference chart.

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