Learning How to Meditate...

Learning how to meditate offers many rewards. Even as a beginner, you can learn to be more relaxed, reduce stress and promote healing. As you advance with meditation, you can gain deeper self awareness, release major personal blocks, and connect with higher spiritual vibrations. Meditation is indeed remarkable.

This site offers a wealth of different resources, including meditation technique, guided meditation, daily meditation, developing self knowledge, meditation for lower back pain, and creative visualization in How to Meditate. Along with all these tools, there is an important key to learning how to meditate...

"Rome wasn't Built in a Day"
Learning to meditate properly is a process. It takes clear intention and commitment to practice. As modern consumers, we are used to immediate gratification--we want something and we want it now!! Spiritual growth is a process which cannot be hurried.

learning how to meditate
The rewards of meditation unfold in their own time and way. Expecting too-much-too-soon only leads to disappointment and giving up.

It is best to approach meditation knowing it will be a process. At times in that process you will think, "Wow--I'm really getting this!" and "This is amazing!" These are wonderful times which inspire you on to greater heights. At other times you will think, "I can't do this", or "This doesn't work." This is natural. During these times, it is key to maintain your clear intent. Only by renewing your intention and commitment will you be able to move forward. In this way, step by step, you will get grounded in a personal meditation practice.

Be wary of workshops and products which promise you the earth and stars--fast. For example, "In one weekend you will be meditating deeper than a monk!" These kinds of quick-fix promises get people into workshops, but ultimately students get disappointed and give up. Bottom line: if you want to learn how to meditate, decide you're going to meditate, then keep practicing and moving forward until you "get it". When you think you've "got it", practice some more. Keep practicing until you really start to "get it". You'll know you're really "getting it", when you're naturally committed to meditating regularly!

This may not sound flashy and glamourous, but it is the honest truth: maintaining clear intent and commitment is the key to learning how to meditate properly. With practice, you will find the rewards of meditation are great and many...Meditation is perhaps the ultimate way to know yourself, release personal blocks, and connect with higher dimensions.

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