Daily Meditation
and Spiritual Choices...

Daily meditation is the key to spiritual practice. By meditating daily, you develop patterns of being more centered and grounded, relaxed and flowing. With regular meditation practice, you also gain an increasingly spiritual perspective on yourself, others and the world around.

Often we begin meditating to relieve some kind of stress. Maybe our jobs are too stressful. Or our families are pushing our buttons. Maybe we're in some kind of physical or spiritual pain. Or we're wanting emotional healing of some kind. Often we begin meditating because something about our lives is not working and we're willing to try something new to find solutions. This begins the journey of spiritual healing...

daily meditation
Once you begin meditating, you realize it really works! You notice feeling much better after meditating than you did before you sat down to meditate...But in the earlier stages, you still only do it once in a while, maybe once a week or less. You
are still caught up in the games of life. At this point meditation just provides occasional relief.

Then there is a kind of tug-of-war between the world outside and your commitment to meditating. Everything seems to want to distract and pull you away from regular meditation. There's so much to do, places to go, so many people want things from you...it appears there's no time for the 'luxury' of meditation. At this time, you are faced with a deep choice...

Do I stay caught up in the outside world at the expense of my soul? Or...
Do I start letting go of unnecessary activities and make more time for my soul?

When choosing to make room for your soul in life, you are committing to meditating regularly, if not daily. And once you get into the practice of regular meditation, it becomes clearer and clearer how meditation benefits you and your life with increased spiritual wellness. You see things differently, feel differently, and respond to life differently. On days you skip meditation, you miss it.

The more we experience the rewards of meditation, the more we want to meditate daily. Meditation becomes a daily ritual, as natural as eating or bathing. Once we get into the habit of meditation, it is no longer just an occasional relief... and we feel less torn between the world outside and the world inside.

Through daily meditation you develop a strong internal core, a deep sense of Self. This provides an opportunity for self-reflection and internal emotional processing --daily. Daily meditation also provides an opportunity to appreciate the bigger picture of life and connect with the divine--daily!

Daily meditation anchors a spiritual perspective on yourself, others and the world on a daily basis. From this deep internal core, you can create an authentic, meaningful and freely chosen life.

"What benefit will it be to you...if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?" -Jesus

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