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Symbols and Dream Interpretation

This site offers a wealth of information on dream meanings, including insights on dream symbols, what dreams mean, and dream interpretation. There are also many other useful resources on spiritual healing, psychic readings, auras & chakras and how to meditate. Scroll down the page for more on dream meanings...

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Dream Symbols
Dreams communicate meaning and emotion through the language of symbols. The meaning of a symbol will vary depending on the context of the dream, your unique personality, and the circumstances of your life at the time of the dream. On occasion, dreams contain special symbols called 'archetypes'. Dream dictionaries can help get you started decoding dream symbols...

What Dreams Mean
There are four main types of dreams:
1) Body-processing Dreams: the most simple form of dream
2) Symbolic Dreams: the most common type of dream
3) Guidance Dreams: these contain special messages, and
4) Astral Body Dreams: which involve experiencing a different dimension.
Find out what type of dream you're dealing with so you can understand what dreams mean.

Dream Interpretation
Dreams need to squeeze a lot of information from the big unconscious mind into the small conscious mind. To do this, dreams condense their messages into information-packed symbols and metaphors. To decode dream symbols, use this effective technique for dream interpretation...

Astral Projection and Dreams
When we dream, we have out-of-body experiences on the astral plane. Getting into a meditative state, consciously moving your astral body out of your physical body, and traveling around on the astral plane is known as astral projection.

Journaling Dreams
It's easy to forget your dreams if you don't write them down while they're still fresh in your memory. Journaling is an important way to help remember dreams. Journaling dreams can make all the difference between getting a valuable piece of information and completely losing it. See the top ten tips for journaling dreams.

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