Creative Visualization...
to Manifest What You Really Want

Creative visualization is a light, fun form of meditation that is especially useful for manifesting what you really want in life. After reading the explanation, you can try the creative visualization further down the page.

Creating What You Really Want
We create in four main ways...
1. We can create as body--either unconsciously or consciously.
2. We can create through others, or others can create through us.
3. We can create through fear and resistance.
4. Or, we can create as spirit--either unconsciously or consciously.

1. Creating as Body--Unconsciously and Consciously
Creating unconsciously as body is going about life with blinders on--unaware, clueless, doing whatever. On the other hand, creating consciously as body usually involves having goals, but often not examined goals. For example, getting the 'good job', getting married, having 2.5 kids and the house with the white picket fence, etc. These are fine goals if they truly fit for you. But these goals are not for everyone.

creative visualization
2. Creating Through Others & Others Creating Through Us
We can also create through others, or others through us. A classic example is a parent who wants their child to grow up to be a doctor, or a lawyer. One man went all the way through law school, did his articling, and even got accepted to the bar. Then he finally realized it wasn't his dream to be a lawyer, it was his parents' dream. He quit law, went traveling and became a teacher. He took charge of creating his own life, rather than letting his parents create through him. There are also many other ways humans try to create through each other. This creates much confusion and conflict in life. One of the best ways to get clear about your own truth is through psychic readings.

3. Creating Through Fear and Resistance
Another way we create is through fear and resistance. This is when you overly focus on something that you don't want to happen. When you repeatedly feed energy into something, you are bound to create it. So if you are determined NOT to be like your mother, guess what will happen? ...Rather focus on what you do want!

4. Creating as Spirit--Unconsciously and Consciously
You also create as spirit, either unconsciously, or consciously. Often when you create as spirit unconsciously, it appears to be miraculous--something wonderful happens, it's the perfect thing, better than you imagined. You created this miracle as spirit, you just weren't conscious of the process.

Creating consciously as spirit involves knowing who you are, knowing what you want to create, and knowing how to work with the universe in order to manifest your dreams. Meditation is the best way to get to know yourself and what you really want. Combining meditation with creative visualization works ideally for creating consciously as spirit. Here's how...

Key Steps for Effective Creative Visualization
~Prepare yourself for creative visualization by meditating. Get centered and grounded. Clear out distractions and focus your intention.

1. Be aware of what you truly want to create as spirit. Let go of out-dated dreams, other people's goals and keeping up with others.

2. Clearly visualize what you want to manifest as a mock-up. See colors, shapes, sizes and emotional qualities you want to create*.
*Remember to respect others' free will. Do not visualize specific individuals in your mock-up, unless you are absolutely sure they agree to be part of your creation.

3. Let go of your mock-up. Imagine putting it into a pink helium balloon and let it go. Release any anxious attachment to your mock-up.

4. Imagine destroying old mental tapes which tell you why your dreams can't, won't, or shouldn't come true.

5. Thank the universe in advance for what will manifest. Affirm, "This now manifests in the best way for All."

~Complete your meditation. Breathe, slowly open your eyes and begin to move. How do you feel after doing the creative visualization?

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