An Alternative Approach
To Easing Lower Back Pain...

Life involves stress and tension. Lower back pain is commonly caused by this tension. When you recognize the causes of your stress, you can take steps to reduce the sources of tension and choose effective alternatives for healing. It is best to approach healing back pain on all levels--physical, mental, emotional and spiritual...


Financial Issues
Clearly, the lower back is vital to support your physical body. The lower back also relates to supporting yourself financially. If you are having financial difficulties, or have insecurities about your ability to support yourself, this can lead to lower back problems.

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Emotional Issues
The lower back is located in the area of the second chakra. Chakras are energy and information centers. The second chakra is the energy center which relates to emotions.

Emotions are a much bigger part of life than most people recognize. When people don't feel their emotions, their emotional energy backs-up. It is like plugging a drain. If you plug a drain, then water backs-up and overflows. Water will spill out over the floor and create problems which affect other people.

It is the same with emotions. If you block yourself off from your emotions, emotional tension will often build up in the second chakra/lower back area. This will create problems for you and eventually for others as well. Healing blocked and hidden emotions is essential to create health and well-being on all levels.

On the other hand, if someone you're emotionally close to is denying their emotions, their emotional energies back-up and can eventually spill onto you. Having someone else's emotions pushing into your second chakra also creates discomfort, pain and emotional stress. Many lower back issues are caused by other people's emotions pushing into the second chakra/lower back area. You can find out more about the energetic cause of your pain through clairvoyant readings.


Ease and Prevention
It is important to find effective ways of releasing tension from your lower back. Clearly, exercise and stretching are useful. Meditation is also particularly effective. Through energy-based meditation, you can learn to identify blocks, release built-up energies and tensions. From personal experience, one of the best ways to reduce tension, ease back pain, and prevent injury is by learning how to meditate.

Energy-based healing is another particularly effective way of releasing blocks and increasing the flow of energy around the lower back. Energy-based spiritual healing can address the root causes of pain which begin in your energy system.

In terms of lower back pain, the spiritual root of the problem will often be in the second chakra. A trained healer can support you in clearing out unwanted energies and getting your energy flowing so you can heal yourself. Regular energy-based healings work to ease and prevent lower back pain. Find out more about energy and aura healing.

Getting in touch with your emotions can also ease and prevent many lower back problems. You restore a healthy flow of energy through the second chakra when you learn to feel blocked and hidden emotions.

It is also important to identify and reduce stresses in your life. For example, if financial issues are causing may want to consider how you can make yourself feel more financially secure. You may want to reduce expenses on un-necessary material items and/or increase your income in some way.

Remember, it is best to approach healing lower back pain on all levels--physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


*Energy-based healing is complimentary to professional health care and not a replacement for medical attention. For acute lower back pain, also visit a chiropractor, acupuncturist, physiotherapist, medical doctor, or other qualified health care professionals.

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