Brain Training Retreats...

Brain Training Retreats combine meditation, spiritual growth and state-of-the-art technology to support you in reaching a deeply peaceful and balanced inner place in just a few days...

Meditation and Brain Training
Brainwave training is based on studies of brain patterns of Tibetan monks in advanced states of meditation. Brain Training enhances calmness, spiritual awareness, ability to meditate, mental clarity, deep sleep, a sense of well-being, and offers many other benefits. While it is also possible to brain train without meditating and still achieve results, consciously meditating during brain training significantly enhances the process and amplifies the benefits.

brain wave meditation retreats
Brain Training
Brain Training optimizes brain function using leading-edge computer software technology, EEG equipment and a zero-gravity chair. Along with enhancing meditation, well-being and spiritual awareness, Brain Training also supports overcoming: anxiety, depression, racing thoughts, brain injury, poor memory, sleeping problems, addictions and many other issues.

Training begins by taking brainwave readings from around your brain. The resulting brain map shows which parts of your brain are overactive and which parts of your brain are underactive. The training is then customized to suit your unique brain and your individualized brain ratios. Brain training in this manner honors you as an individual, is highly precise, and is not a 'one size fits all' approach.

In real time, the computer translates the brainwave frequencies into sounds which are played back to your brain via headphones. This allows your brain to hear how it is functioning on an unconscious level. As your brain receives this deep reflection of itself, it begins to correct itself toward greater balance and harmony. As the brain corrects itself, the sounds also change and so the brain continues to observe itself changing in real time.

Brain Trainers
Incorporating meditation and visualization allows your conscious mind to support the brain training process. A skilled trainer will customize meditations to suit your unique needs. This will include simple to more advanced meditations. Working with brain trainers who are experienced meditation instructors is ideal.

Brain Training Retreats
Brain Training Retreats take place over the course of 1 week or more. This deeply relaxing and intensive format supports healthy, new neural networks in becoming the predominant patterns. As with other spiritual retreats, it can be useful to pull out of your daily routines and go somewhere beautiful where you can focus on your self healing.

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