Self Improvement through

Self-knowledge is the key to better living. With a grounded sense of Self, you know who you are, where you want to go and what you want to do with your life. Equipped with self knowledge, you naturally make choices that work for you...

When we are disconnected from our true selves, we make all kinds of mistakes in life. We think about ourselves through illusion, form unsuitable relationships, work at inappropriate jobs and pursue false dreams. Without the compass of self-knowledge, we lead generally misguided lives.

What's worse...when we are disconnected from ourselves, we often don't even know it! Our internal sensors get disconnected as well, so we don't recognize the true cause of our problems. On some level, we probably realize that things aren't going too well, so there is a sense that something is 'off', 'wrong', or 'missing' in our lives. But we're usually looking to fix things in all the wrong places!

Self Improvement begins with Self-Knowledge
There can be no genuine, lasting self improvement without really knowing who you are. Without a sense of Self, you will just be changing yourself to please and impress others. Trying to convince others that you are a good, successful person is not the same as genuine growth and healing. Even if others think and say you are improving, when your main focus is outside yourself, this will still be changing to please others rather than true self improvement.

In fact, many of us lose our sense of Self by changing to please and impress others in the first place. For example...

We want mom and dad to love us more, so we try to be who we think our parents want us to be.
We want to fit in--or stand out--at school, so we alter the way we speak and act.
We want to be physically attractive, so we try to lose or gain weight and dress differently.
We want to be seen as successful, so we try to buy and consume as much as others.
We want to make ourselves look 'good', so we try to make others look 'bad'.

These are all ways we might appear to "improve" ourselves, but in fact, we are changing at cost to our true sense of Self.

Knowing thyself is a lot about weeding out everything you've taken on that is not really you. In order to uncover the real you underneath, you need to get rid of all the programs, messages, images, beliefs, expectations--all the energies--that do not actually belong to you. Most of us are heavily weighed down with stuff we've taken on from others and the world around us. As you clear this out, you can start to reveal what has been hidden below the surface...the authentic you.

Developing Self-Knowledge
An excellent way to develop self-knowledge is getting in touch with your emotions. (See 'hidden emotions' in Auras and Chakras.) To discover the authentic you, psychic readings can also be very useful. If you want to clear unwanted energies from your personal energy system (aura, chakras, energy channels, etc.), then aura healing is the way to go.

One of the best ways to gain self knowledge is learning how to meditate. Through meditation, you pull back from all the distractions of the world and focus directly on you. As you become more familiar with what's really going on inside, you can start to weed out all the stuff you've internalized which is bogging you down and creating confusion. When you make room for the real you to emerge, a miraculous transformation occurs...

Once you begin to find your true self, you naturally start making choices that improve you and your life. You start experimenting with what works and what doesn't. Gradually you gain a clearer sense of what fits for you and what doesn't. Through self-knowledge, you choose to develop responsible, healthy behavior patterns--not to please or impress others--but because you know it is actually the best choice for you.

In this way, genuine and lasting self-improvement evolves naturally from the process of gaining true self-knowledge.

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