Hidden Emotion
and Emotional Healing...

Emotional healing involves becoming aware of hidden emotion, feeling our emotional truth, releasing energy, and moving on with life. Whether we recognize it or not, emotions affect everything we do. It is well worth taking the time learning about emotions and how they work...

Your body has emotional responses to most everything. Your body tells you how its feeling about life and what's going on through waves of emotional energy. Each time there is an emotional response, a wave of emotional energy is created.

hidden emotion
There is a common misunderstanding that if we disconnect from our emotions, then emotions will not affect us. Nothing could be further from the truth. Emotions that are pushed down, denied and repressed do not go away! Emotions that get pushed down are stored in your energy system. This emotional energy is still with you, it has not gone anywhere, it is just temporarily hidden.

Hidden Emotions Create All Kinds of Problems
Hidden emotions create a heavy weight on our systems. You've probably heard the expression, "...someone has a lot of baggage". This literally refers to the emotional load a person is carrying. It is a tremendous burden to go through life carrying the heavy weight of emotional baggage. It can lead to addictions, health issues, weight problems, depression and unhealthy relationship patterns.

Hidden Emotions and Addictions
So...when we push emotions down, they don't go away...they stay in our systems waiting to be expressed in some way. In order to keep pushing down what we feel, we often turn to numbing ourselves through some kind of addiction. We might numb ourselves with food, alcohol, sex, drugs, work, religion, etc. Potentially anything in the universe can be mis-used in order to avoid feeling our truth.

Hidden Emotions and Weight Problems
Often we try to numb ourselves with addictions to food. Extreme foods that are fatty, very sweet or very salty are especially tempting as ways to pleasure and distract ourselves. When we satisfy intense cravings for junk fast foods, it numbs us for a while. But when the emotions begin to surface again, we need to stuff ourselves again. This cycle leads to weight gain, other health issues and eventually obesity.

Emotional Constipation leads to Health Problems
When we don't allow ourselves to feel certain emotions, the emotional energy stays stuck in our systems. Stored emotional energy stagnates, creating build up and emotional toxicity. It is the emotional equivalent of constipation. For your gastro-intestinal system to function properly, it needs to have regular movements. Otherwise, constipation leads to all kinds of problems, like discomfort, headaches, irritability and eventually, a seriously toxic system. Similarly, the emotional system needs to have regular movements and releases, or it will also back up and toxify.

As emotional constipation blocks the flow of life-force energies in our system, it can lead to all kinds of problems from low energy and mild depression, to serious conditions and diseases like cancer.

Hidden Emotions and Unhealthy Relationship Patterns
In order to deny certain emotions, you literally have to disconnect from parts of yourself. When you disconnect from your emotional truth, you also disconnect from your internal compass. Internally disconnected, you make choices that are not healthy for you. For example, you may form relationships with unsuitable people. Or, the people may be okay, but you form unhealthy ways of relating to them.

As you try to form relationships in your present life, hidden emotions can rise up to create constant roadblocks. Looking out through emotions stored in your own system, you see others through the lens of old fears, old anger, and old sadness. Then you try to play out old emotions on someone new--who is not actually the root cause of your emotional issues.

When we don't take responsibility for healing our emotional baggage, we expect too much of our relationships. We expect others to be more than loving and supportive. Not taking responsibility for healing our own baggage, we demand our relationships become therapy to heal our past.

One of the greatest gifts we can give our relationships is to face and heal our own emotions. Also, one of the most powerful gifts we can give ourselves is to find the courage to feel and heal...

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