Aura Dynamics in Relationship...

Aura dynamics take place between you and other people, even when no words are spoken, nor any physical gestures made. Psychic energy dynamics can also take place between you and another person when your physical bodies are far away from each other. Common dynamics include blurred boundaries, power games, emotions enmeshed, and healthy aura boundaries.


In a relationship of any kind, you may encounter these predominant patterns. At the same time, energy dynamics are often fluid and tend to change, depending on what's going on in life. Energy patterns can also change dramatically...if you decide to change how you respond to others.

While many other dynamics are possible, the artistic representations below demonstrate four more common patterns. Note: these images represent energy dynamics between any two individuals and are not intended to portray specifically male-female dynamics...


1. Blurred Boundaries

If you do not have healthy boundaries with another, your energies tend to blur together. With this aura dynamic you will not know what is your energy and what is their energy. Everything gets mish-mashed together. You might find yourself taking on anything from their opinions and their health problems, to fighting their battles, and feeling their emotions. In this case, they would also probably mistake your energy for their own. Blurred boundaries can create numerous issues, including confusion, unwellness, and often conflict.

2. Power Games

power over
If someone is wanting to dominate, they might forcefully push their energy into or over top of your aura. If you withdraw your aura close to your body, then you allow them to continue dominating, even though you may quietly resent it. If you push back and try to dominate them, it will probably create a power struggle. Power games can go on even without words or physical gestures to match the psychic dynamics. Focussing on maintaining your own aura's healthy boundaries is 'the best defense' when dealing with others' power games.

3. Emotions Enmeshed

If you do not have healthy emotional boundaries with another, your emotional energies will often become enmeshed. As a result, with this aura dynamic you could end up feeling emotions which do not even belong to you. These emotional energies may actually come from another person. When this happens, the person to whom the emotions belong will be out of touch with their authentic emotional truth. And if someone else's emotions are coming into your aura, you will probably be overly emotional, emotionally erratic, and quite possibly irritable. On the other hand, if your emotions are going into someone else's aura, the reverse would be true.

4. Healthy Boundaries

healthy relationship aura
When you have healthy boundaries with another, each of your energies remains distinct. There is room for you to have your own opinions and them to have theirs. Neither person will be forcefully pushing their energy into or over top of the other person's aura. You will feel your own authentic emotions and they will feel theirs. With healthy aura dynamics and boundaries, there is respect for each person's psychic space. Healthy boundaries support clarity, wellness, harmony, and validation of each person's uniqueness.

One of the best ways to find out about how you are relating to others on an energy level is through an aura reading.

You can also release unwanted energy you've picked up from others through an energy-based aura healing. An excellent practice to support you in defining healthy psychic boundaries is aura meditation.

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