Aura Position & Aura Definition...
How are you Interacting with Life?

Your aura position and aura definition indicate how you are interacting with life. Common positions are: out in front, out at the back, floating up above the body, and the centered aura. Generally you will favor one of these positions in particular.

aura position

However, depending on what's going on in life, your aura position and aura definition can change. For example, if you were running late and rushing to get to a very important probably would move your energy intensely forward and have your aura definition out in front of your body. If you ended up getting there a few minutes early, you would probably feel relieved and might allow your energy to return to it's normal position.

While other variations are possible, the artistic representations below demonstrate four more common patterns...


out front

Aura at Front
If you are getting ahead of yourself and moving your energy out into the future, often your aura will move out in front of your body. This can be the result of stress and anxiety, and in turn it can also create stress and anxiety. You might find yourself temporarily doing this if you're in a hurry. Doing this on a regular basis can lead to posture problems and health issues. On a spiritual level, it can indicate living for the future rather than honoring the present.

out back

Aura at Back
If you are holding yourself back by dwelling on the past, the energy of your aura will move out behind your body. Often this is the result of unhealed issues from the past and also fear of the future. This can prevent people from moving forward in life and result in further depression. It can also lead to posture problems. On a spiritual level, it can indicate making the past more powerful than present.


Aura Floating above Body
If you are trying to escape life and avoid facing reality, the energy of your aura will float up above your body. Often people who do this are living in a fantasy world. They may talk big, but may manifest very little. This is often the result of some kind of trauma and can also lead to further trauma through accidents, poor relationships, job loss, etc. On a spiritual level, it often indicates making fantasy more real than the present.

healthy aura

Centered Aura Position & Clear Aura Definition
If you are being present for your life and centering in the now, the energy of your aura will generally reflect that with a clear neutral aura definition and be balanced in and around your body. This supports health, personal empowerment, and having an aligned posture. On a spiritual level, it allows you to create your future without leaving the present. It also offers the ability to heal the past, without reliving it and getting stuck in it.

One of the best ways to find out about your aura patterns is through clairvoyant aura readings.

You can also gain insight and release blocks through aura healing. An excellent practice to support you in maintaining a healthy, centered aura position is aura meditation.

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