Channeling Your Higher Self...

You might think of channeling as something only gifted people can do. You may imagine it involves bringing in a spiritual being, speaking in a strange voice, perhaps using a foreign language, etc. These would be extreme cases which typically involve going into an unconscious, or semi-conscious, trance state. However, you do not necessarily need to be in a special esoteric trance to channel. In fact, ordinary people do it without realizing...

Perhaps you've experienced having a conversation where the other person goes off expressing a strong opinion that does not seem to fit with who you know that person to be...on a deep level. Chances are, they're running a foreign vibration through their system, and they have mistaken this as their own energy.

You yourself have probably channeled the energy of your parents and the energies of other people you're close to. You've probably run the collective energy of the political party you favor. At some point, you've probably run the collective energy of a particular religion or spiritual group. You've probably even allowed a spiritual being to come through your system. Typically we run foreign energies without realizing they're not actually our own vibration.

We all have the potential to channel pretty much anything, for better or worse...

In the New Age, channeling tends to be glamorized as a skill that makes you special. But there are also down sides to it. When we run foreign energies, we can mistake the foreign energy for our own and lose touch with our authentic Self. In extreme instances, crimes can even be committed by people who are bringing in dark energies that are not even theirs. After the fact, it is not uncommon for criminals to express words to the effect that 'they knew better, they don't know what came over them.'

High Vibrations
There are also up-sides to this phenonenom. If you develop awareness of what you're allowing to come through you, then you can choose to bring in high vibrations that are healing for you and others. Around a holiday like Christmas, you often hear people speak of "getting into the Christmas spirit". While you may not be conscious of it, this often involves allowing a healing energy, like the Christ vibration, to come through your system. There are many instances when ordinary people channel in daily life. Many of these instances would be imperceptable to the untrained eye.

Your Higher Self
One of the most healing vibrations to bring in is the energy of your Higher Self. Each of us has a Higher Self that offers guidance and wisdom beyond the limitations of our ego personality. Your Higher Self is your own authentic energy, it provides access to your own information and answers, and it still gives you room to be real with your emotions. The vibration of your Higher Self is ideally suited to your unique body. Whereas the vibration of foreign spiritual beings is often stressful on your physical body, letting your body become a vessel for your Higher Self is safe and healing for you.

Developing Awareness
If you would like to become more aware of this phenomenon, start to watch when others are running an energy that is authentic and true to them. Also notice when others are running a vibration that is not authentic to them. At these times, they may be hard to connect with, behave out-of-character, or use the pronoun 'we' excessively.

The best way to develop awareness of your own energy is through aura meditation, healing, and energy readings. As you become more conscious of yourself, you can choose to continually retune yourself to high, healing the energy of your Higher Self.

Word to the Wise
Becoming a vessel for your Higher Self does not mean being overly positive and being in denial of what really needs to be healed. If you have emotional wounds or baggage, it is best to face the wounds and work through the emotions.

Bringing in the energy of your Higher Self also does not mean disconnecting from your physical body and getting 'flakey'. Effectively channeling your Higher Self involves grounding the energy of your Higher Self through your body. If you want to make your body a clear vessel for your Higher Self...your body, mind and emotions all need to be well grounded and healed.

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