The Seven Chakras...
Seven Different Levels of Being

The seven chakras are vital energy and information centers. Chakra is a Sanskrit word literally meaning "wheel" or "disc". Chakras are spinning vortexes of energy--where spiritual energy flows into the body. There are over 800 chakras in and around the body and aura. They vary in size from the larger seven major chakras, to medium size chakras in the hands and feet, to smaller chakras around in different areas of your spiritual anatomy.

seven chakras
The seven chakras are located in line with the spine. The energy typically flows in through the front and out the back. Each chakra contains energy and information relating to these particular aspects of being...


1st chakra/Root chakra/Sacral Chakra
Located near the base of the spine.
The first chakra, also known as the root chakra or sacral chakra, is the energy and information center relating to survival as spirit in body. As a spiritual being, you have your own unique survival information. Your survival journey, is unique to you and will be different than what others need to do. The first chakra is the energy center for issues relating to work, livelihood and money.

The root chakra/sacral chakra also includes information about belonging to a group, fear and security issues. Issues which relate to blocks in the first chakra include problems with finances, not taking care of yourself, and unfounded fears.

2nd chakra/Spleen chakra
Located a few finger widths below navel.
The second chakra is the energy and information center relating to emotionality, sexuality and clairsentience. As spirit, you communicate with your body through a wide range of emotions. Many issues are rooted in emotional blockages in the second chakra. The second chakra is the information center for your unique information on sexuality. This includes your male/femaleness, sexual orientation, and sexual attraction. When you are attracted to someone, your second chakra will spin faster and tingle!

The spleen chakra is also the energy center for clairsentience, which is your ability to sense others' emotions. Issues which relate to blocks in the second chakra include not feeling your true emotions, a lack of healthy sexual boundaries and mistaking others' emotions for your own.

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3rd chakra/Solar plexus chakra
Located at the solar plexus, just below the ribs.
The third chakra is the information center for energy distribution and personal empowerment. Your third chakra distributes energy throughout your personal energy system. The third chakra relates to how much energy you have, how you use it and what you use it for. Some use their energy to empower themselves (personal empowerment), some use their energy to control others.

The solar plexus chakra is also the seat of the ego identity...who your ego/body-mind thinks you are. Issues which relate to blocks in the third chakra include low or erratic energy levels, playing power games, and not being your authentic Self.

4th chakra/Heart chakra
Located in the center of the chest area.
The fourth chakra is the energy center for love, validation, and your ability to be at peace. The fourth chakra is the information center for what you love...what you're in affinity with, what you're magnetically drawn to. The fourth chakra relates to validation, your sense of self-worth, and self-love.

The heart chakra is also about your ability to be at peace with people, places and objects. Issues relating to blocks in the fourth chakra include losing touch with what you love, feeling unworthy, and not forgiving yourself or others.

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5th chakra/Throat chakra
Located at the base of the neck and throat.
The fifth chakra is the information center for communication and self-expression...communicating both to others and to yourself. It contains information about expressing yourself verbally and vocally, through song. The fifth chakra allows you to listen to and express your inner voice.

The throat chakra also relates to psychic levels of communication: clairaudience, telepathy, and channeling abilities. Issues relating to blocks in the fifth chakra include poor communication, not listening to your inner voice, and confusion from hearing other voices.

6th chakra/Third eye chakra
Located through the center of the head, in line with the forehead.
The sixth chakra is the energy and information center for clearseeing and clairvoyance. The sixth chakra contains information about seeing your own truth and distinguishing truth from lie. It allows you to see as spirit, see energy.

The third eye also relates to seeing the whole picture without judgement. Issues which relate to blocks in the sixth chakra include being blind to seeing the truth, intellectualizing but not really seeing, and limited judgmental thinking.

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7th chakra/Crown chakra
Located on top of the head at the crown.
The seventh chakra is the energy center for higher spiritual information and knowingness...your ability to be still and know truth. It gives you a direct connection to your own higher spiritual information. The seventh chakra allows you-as-spirit to know things beyond what your body could know.

The crown chakra also relates to intuition and inspiration. Issues relating to blocks in the seventh chakra include being disconnected from your own higher truth, looking for answers outside of yourself, and unhealthy dependence on leaders, gurus, or masters.

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