Chakras and Chakra Healing...

Chakra healing involves developing awareness, releasing blocks and increasing the flow through the chakras--chakras being vital energy centers where spiritual energy flows into the body.. Scroll down for more detailed information on chakra healing.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word, literally meaning "wheel" or "disc". Chakras are like spinning vortexes which continuously bring spiritual energy into your system. There are numerous chakras throughout the body. They vary in size from the larger seven major chakras, to medium size chakras in the hands and feet, to smaller chakras which correspond to pressure points and energy meridians in Chinese Medicine.

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The Seven Major Chakras

The most well known are the seven major chakras. These chakras are located along the spine. The energy typically flows in through the front and out the back.

It can be fun and healing to work with chakras as rainbow colors. But in fact, chakras can be any color and can include several different colors. Find out more about colors and your spiritual energy system in aura colors.

Each chakra contains energy and information relating to these particular aspects of being...

1st chakra / Root Chakra / Sacral Chakra
Located near the base of the spine. Survival as spirit in body. Issues relating to work, livelihood and money. Belonging to a group. Fear and security issues.

2nd chakra/Spleen
Located a few finger widths below the navel. Emotionality, sexuality and clairsentience. Flow and blockages of emotions, sexual attraction and sensing others' emotions.

3rd chakra/Solar plexus
Located at the solar plexus, just below the ribs. Energy distribution and personal power. How much energy you have, how you use it and what you use it for. Ego identity--who you think you are.

4th chakra / Heart chakra
Located in the center of the chest area. Affinity and harmony. What you're magnetically drawn to. Ability to be at one with people, places, objects. Self-love and self-worth.

5th chakra / Throat chakra
Located at the base of the neck and throat. Communication and expression. Ability to communicate with others verbally and psychically. Listening to & expressing inner voice.

6th chakra / Third eye chakra
Located through the center of the head, in line with the forehead. Clearseeing and clairvoyance. Ability to see as spirit, to distinguish truth from lie. Seeing the whole picture without judgement.

7th chakra / Crown Chakra
Located on top of the head at the crown. Knowingness-your ability to be still and know truth. Your own direct connection to higher spiritual information. Intuition and inspiration.

Hands and Feet Chakras
A hand chakra is located in the palm of the hands and a foot chakra is located in the arch of each foot.

Hand Chakras...relate to creating what you want in life, trust and control issues, healing yourself and others. Feet Chakras...relate to your ability to connect with Planet Earth, to ground and receive earth energy.

The key to chakra healing is developing awareness, releasing blockages and increasing the flow of your own energy through these centers. In our experience, the following four practices have proven to be the most effective tools for chakra healing...

Learning how to meditate is the best way to develop awareness of your personal energy system. As you become more aware of your own chakras, you can begin to release blocks. Releasing unwanted energies, you can restore the natural, healthy flow of your own vibration. For chakra healing, it is key to practice energy-based aura meditation.

Aura and Chakra Readings
Through psychic readings you can find out more information about your aura and chakras. As you become more aware of your personal energy system, you can make choices to heal your self, your life, and your chakras. There are many different types of psychic reading. To gain insight into your energy system, it is important to find someone who specializes in energywork for clairvoyant readings.

Feeling Your Emotions
Many chakra problems are due to emotional blockages. When we don't want to feel our emotional truth, we block the flow of our emotional energies. This in turn blocks the general flow of energy through the chakras. Releasing blocks and creating flow involves a journey of discovering hidden emotions.

Aura and Chakra Healing
In an energy-based spiritual healing, the healer supports you in releasing blocks and unwanted energies. The healer can also assist you to increase the flow of your own energy. Chakras, energy channels, and the aura are all very closely related, so it is best to approach the energy system as a whole. As spiritual energy is not limited by time and space, healing the chakras can also be done in an aura healing by phone.

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