Zumba Gold with Duncan

In-person & Online 2 Mornings/Week! ZUMBA GOLD

Mondays 10:30--11:30am

Thursdays 10:30--11:30am

at OK Mission Community Hall (on the corner of Lakeshore and DeHart--the big red barn!))

10 Sessions Prepaid $126 including gst, $14 Drop-in, 20 Sessions Prepaid $220.50 including gst

(PunchCards can also be used for Duncan's In-person & Online Meditative &  Restorative Yoga Classes: Tuesdays & Fridays 10:15am--11:15am)

Join Duncan for a fun hour of Zumba Gold world dance fitness.  Classes are inspired by music, dance and rhythms from around the world including: Salsa, Tango, Cumbia, Belly dance, African dance and more.  Zumba Gold is the gentler version of Zumba.  It is lower impact/less jumping, the choreography does not change as rapidly and you also get verbal instruction.  Ideal for active mature adults, beginners, people with injuries and anyone wanting a gentler workout.  Loosen up, have fun and get an excellent cardio work-out all at the same time!

Duncan Harte, M.A. has a B.A. in Fine & Performing Arts, with a concentration in Dance and a Master's in Arts & Spirituality.  As one of his Master's projects, he began teaching dance to active seniors.  He also has certifications in Zumba, Yoga and Group Fitness Instruction.

Typically Duncan's other 3 Zumba Gold classes are full, with long waiting lists.  By popular request, he is offering this new class time...

See you Mondays and Thursdays 10:30--11:30am at OK Mission Community Hall &


Please ask Duncan for more info regarding upcoming course...

Mornings: 10:15am--11:15am
8 Sessions, $100 + gst = $105
Pre-register to reserve your spot.

By popular request, in this new upcoming dance class, you will learn the basic steps commonly used in Duncan's Zumba classes.  We'll break down the routines and learn the foundational steps.  I may also offer verbal corrections and assist with physical placements, etc. Rather than a go-go-go fitness class, this will be a slower-paced dance class to prepare you to do Zumba Gold with more ease and confidence! 

(It will be more of a dance program and less of a drop-in class.  If you know in advance that you will need to miss more than 3 classes, please contact me to discuss options.) 

The regular Thursday morning Zumba Gold Fitness classes (see above) continue through most of the year...

Drop in $14. Or you can buy discounted Punch Cards in person, by either cash or cheque. Or choose from the drop-down menu below and then click on the links below to get your Punch Cards using a credit card, via a PayPal account. You are also welcome to make payment by E-Transfer online through your bank. Once payment is received, Punch Cards will be issued in person at the next Zumba Gold class...

Zumba Gold PunchCard Discounts

Are you physically ready to begin an exercise program?  Follow the PAR-Q+ Survey link below and click "yes" or "no" answers the basic questions to determine if it's safe for you to begin exercising...

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