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Energywork Private Sessions...

Energywork supports healing, releasing blockages, and restoring a healthy flow through your energy system. Private sessions are offered by appointment and take about 1 hour.

Energy-work is an excellent way to support your healing process and gain insight into yourself and your life.

About Energy-based Healing...
Energy-based healing focuses on your spiritual energy system: your aura, energy channels, chakras, etc. Along with spiritual, emotional and psychic issues, many physical problems have their root cause on an energy level. Energy healing can address these problems directly at their root cause.

Energy healing supports you in getting grounded, being more present, releasing blocks and creating more flow though your energy system. During this process, you need to be a willing participant. In the end, it is the flow of your own energy which creates healing. The healer supports this process, but ultimately, you are in charge of your own healing.

The Self Healing Plan
If you have specialized needs...The Self Healing Plan offers a package of 10 private sessions which address your individual areas of concern and can be booked around your unique schedule.

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