Our Mission and Philosophy

"...To offer insights, services and products that support each person in healing and walking their highest spiritual path."

mission and philosophy

All Healing is Self-Healing
You are in charge of your own healing. The practitioner can support you, but they can not do it for you. Ultimately, you need to make the choices to heal yourself. For more on the choice to heal, see Aura Healing and Spiritual Wellness.

Respect for Personal Space & Healthy Boundaries
Healthy boundaries are essential in order to maintain healthy relationships, especially professional and therapeutic relationships. Our practitioners are committed to respecting your personal space. Clients also need to honor healthy boundaries. For more about healthy boundaries, see Healing Spiritual Abuse.

Emotional Healing
Sessions can bring up emotions that have been stored in your system. You are encouraged to take the time in your life to find a quiet place to listen to, and regularly express, your emotions. Owning your emotions and taking responsibility for your emotional healing is key to improving your overall health and well-being. For more on emotional healing, see Hidden Emotions.

Spiritual Free Will
Choices made in the present affect future outcomes. As we respect your free will to choose and create your own experience of reality, our readings do not predict the future. Rather we focus on empowering you to make the highest choices to create the healthy future you're wanting for yourself. For more information on free will, see Clairvoyant Reading.

Divine Support
You are a child of the universe who has a purpose here on Earth. You are on a healing journey of bringing your physical reality into alignment with your spiritual intent. For more information on the healing journey, see the Spiritual Healing Process.

Divine energies are around, offering you support in
walking your highest path...


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