Healing Spiritual Abuse...

Spiritual abuse can occur anytime your personal space is invaded, or your free will is not respected. Abuse (ab-use) means mis-use. And "spirit" is another word for energy. In other words, spiritual abuse can occur any time energy is misused...

Your Personal Space/Spiritual Energy System/Aura
Your spiritual energy system is made up of your aura, energy channels, chakras, etc. Your spiritual energy system is your personal space. When your energy is flowing freely through your space and your energy system, there is spiritual wellness.

spiritual abuse
Invasion of Personal Space Is a Form of Abuse
Spiritual abuse is like trespassing. But instead of disregarding a physical fence, the trespasser has crossed a psychic boundary. In other words, someone has come into your personal space on an energy level.

Like an unwanted guest, or a door-to-door salesman, it is common to get milder, more general foreign energies coming into your energy system. These kinds of energies can
be released more easily, and will often go away by themselves.

But if someone else's energy forces itself into your personal energy system and doesn't want to leave, it is like having someone break into your house, or having a squatter who won't leave your home--when you still live in it!

This kind of psychic invasion can create problems on all levels...spiritual, mental, emotional and physical...

Your energy system is designed to run on your own unique energy. Having foreign energy in your system is like putting the wrong kind of gasoline in the wrong engine. It doesn't work and can damage the motor. Just like the wrong gas in the wrong engine, foreign energy in your system creates discomfort, blocks, confusion, pain and, in extreme cases, even disease. In this way, spiritual abuse can cause health problems on all levels of being.

Not Respecting Free Will is a Form of Abuse
Earth is a free will planet--we are here to learn about free will through making choices. We evolve spiritually as we exercise our spiritual freedom.

For free will to work, we need to respect everyone's spiritual freedom. It is not possible to expect freedom for ourselves when we do not respect the rights and freedoms of others. Unfortunately, some beings do not respect free will. They use their energy to control others for lower purposes.

If you use your energy to control and manipulate others, you are also not respecting spiritual freedom. Anytime someone forces energy into another's space in order to control, it shows a disregard for spiritual free will--and this is a form of abuse.

Tools for Healing Abuse
To heal spiritual abuse, it is necessary to gain a clearer sense of your own energy and to release any energy that has invaded your space. Meditation is one of the best ways to get to know yourself and define your personal boundaries. Aura healing is also an excellent way to release foreign energies which have invaded your space. Aura readings are especially useful for identifying what is your energy and what is not your energy.

Abuse and Emotional Healing
Healing abuse often involves feeling sadness. Allowing yourself to cry or experience sadness can be very healing at times. Sadness is a key emotion which supports releasing old energies.

Healing abuse also often involves feeling anger. Allowing yourself to experience anger can be very healing as well. Anger is a useful emotion which can burn stubborn energies out of your system. Anger can also prevent others from invading your space in the first place! Note: remember to respect other's space when you experience anger.

Eventually, deeply forgiving others who have abused you is the necessary final stage of healing spiritual abuse. Feel the emotions, learn from the experience, forgive, and move on... You can find out more about emotional healing in hidden emotions.

Learning to create and maintain healthy boundaries between you and others is essential to prevent spiritual abuse from occurring in future.

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