What Dreams Mean...

The key to understanding what dreams mean is to recognize most dreams are symbolic. Occasionally a dream will be more direct, but this is unusual. Most of the time, dreams communicate meaning through symbols.

To best understand what dreams mean, first identify which type of dream you are dealing with...

what dreams mean
Main Types of Dreams

  1. Body-processing
  2. Symbolic
  3. Guidance
  4. Astral Body

1. Body-processing
Body-processing is the most simple form of dream...when your body is processing basic experiences. These dreams tend to be more obvious and straightforward. For example, you go skiing in the day and then you dream of skiing in your sleep. Simple.

2. Symbolic
These are the most common type of dreams. In symbolic dreams, your unconscious is trying to communicate something into your conscious awareness. Symbolic dreams are about deeper spiritual, emotional and healing processes. Communicating in symbol, dreams can bypass the limits of your conscious mind.

Say, for example, in your conscious mind, you have chosen to do something which you've decided is the right choice. Intellectually you think you are completely comfortable with the idea. Then at night you dream of walking down a path which is scary to you. This dream is trying to communicate to your conscious mind that emotionally you are not as comfortable with this decision as you might think you are.

3. Guidance
These are special dreams. In guidance dreams you receive information from a higher source...it may come from your higher Self, a spiritual guide, or a powerful divine presence. There is a sense of an important message being communicated in a guidance dream. At times, the message is clear and direct. But there is always an out-of-the-ordinary, magical quality to these dreams. On rare occasion, these can also be premonitions.

4. Astral body
Between you as spirit and your physical body there is an intermediate dimension known as the astral. You move through this dimension in your astral body. In dreams you can sometimes be aware of astral travel, or moving around and doing things in your astral body. Your astral body is often focussed on creating new developments which have not yet manifested in your physical life. The astral plane intersects with both physical reality and the symbolic realms of dreamtime.

Interpreting Dreams
We are uniquely blind to our own issues, so it is often useful to have someone else help to interpret our dreams. With no outside reflection, it is easy to overlook messages and misinterpret symbols. But your dreams are tailor made by you, for you. So the best dream interpretations offer helpful insights while still giving you room to experience your own truth.

Helpful Hint
The more you honor your dreams by talking about them and writing them down, the richer your dream life will become. It is useful to keep a dream journal by your bed so you can write down your dreams while they're still clear in your mind. Remembering dreams accurately makes it easier to determine exactly what dreams mean.


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