Dream Symbols...
The Key to Decoding Your Dreams

Dream symbols are constantly communicating information about your personal growth and healing process. While not relying on words and logic, dreams cleverly communicate deep insight and meaning through their own symbolic language.

Unique Dreams and Symbols
It a mistake to assume that all symbols have specific, 'cut and dried' meanings. Symbols have different meanings depending on the circumstances of the dream. Take for example, the symbol of a horse. Dreaming of a gentle horse ride is very different than dreaming of a horse trying to kick you. It would be a mistake to assume all horses symbolize the same meaning.

horse dreams
Symbols are Personalized Messages
Dreams are created by you, for you. So your dreams will speak in symbols that have unique meaning to you. If you are a horse-lover dreaming of horses, it is very different than if you are afraid-of-horses and dreaming of horses.

Dream symbols should not be squashed down into 'cut and dried' meanings. When you attempt to give symbols cookie-cutter meanings, you miss the unique messages the dream is trying to communicate. It may take longer to uncover the meanings of personalized symbols, but it is well worth it. Exploring the layers of meaning in your unique dream symbols can reveal great insights and personal "ahas"!

Simple Exercise for Decoding Symbols
Ask yourself "What does _______ represent to me?" and "How do I feel about _______?" Explore the options until something clicks or resonates inside you---until you feel like, "Aha, that's it!"

Dream Symbols and Life Circumstances
In decoding dream symbols, it is also important to consider what is going on in your life around the time of the dream. For example, if you are actually moving homes, and you dream of moving, you may just be processing that physical experience. But if you have been 'in a rut' in life and you dream of moving, you may be telling yourself you are ready to make some big life changes.

So the meaning of a symbol will vary depending on the context of the dream, your unique personality, and the circumstances of your life at the time of the dream.

While dream symbols are tailor-made for you, some dreams contain symbols called archetypes (pronounced ark-e-types). Archetypes are symbols that are more universal. Archetypes have similar meanings for most people in most cultures around the world. For example, you dream "a wise old man appears offering you guidance". The wise old man is an archetypal symbol. The wise old man would have a similar meaning to you as he would to someone in rural Africa. Archetypes are powerful universal symbols which do not appear often in dreams.

Dream Dictionaries
Dream dictionaries can help point to general themes and get you started. But dream dictionaries cannot customize the interpretation of a symbol to the uniqueness of you, your dream, and your life. You will get deeper insight from personalizing dream interpretations.

Interpreting Your Own Dreams
Though it takes time to learn the language of dreams, it is well worth the effort. Your dreams become a constant source of insight into your inner growth and healing process. Though when interpreting your own dreams, because we are uniquely blind to our own issues, there is always the risk of overlooking messages and misinterpreting meanings. It is often useful to have someone else offer you their reflections and wisdom.

Professional Dream Interpretations
A professional dream interpretation can offer you insight into layers of meaning you might otherwise miss. Someone with the wisdom of experience, and developed intuitive skills, provides reflections and guidance which can lead to those enlightening personal "ahas"!


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