An Alternative Approach
To Easing Upper Back Pain...

When you recognize the causes of stress which create upper back pain, then you can take steps to reduce these sources of tension and choose effective alternatives for healing. It is best to approach healing back pain on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual...


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Expectations Placed Upon You
On a physical level, upper back pain can relate to injuries and poor posture. On an energy level, the area of the upper back also relates to responsibility. When expectations are placed on you, the energies of responsibility, burden and stress, can literally accumulate on the back of your neck and shoulders. At times, like Atlas,
we hold the weight of the world on our neck and shoulders.

The Fifth Chakra and Psychic Communication
The upper back and neck is located in the area of the fifth chakra. Chakras are energy and information centers. The fifth chakra is the energy center which relates to communication and expression. Find out more about the seven energy centers in Chakras.

We tend to think of communication as being either verbal or written. But psychic communication plays a much bigger role in life than most people realize. We are constantly communicating with others on an energy level. Psychic communication affects how we think about things, who we like or dislike, how we make choices, and even who we think we are. For most of us this remains an unconscious process.

In our modern over-stimulated lives, people are generally too distracted to notice something so subtle as psychic communication. But practices like meditation can help you develop your awareness of different levels of spiritual communication.

If you listen intently, you'll notice we are constantly communicating. We regularly communicate with groups, individuals, and spiritual beings...all on a psychic level.

Invasive Psychic Energies
When someone is strongly focussed on communicating with you--on a psychic level--their energy can move into the area of your upper back and neck. For example, if someone really wants you to call them, they might put energy into your fifth chakra, hoping to get you to phone them. Or if someone is upset with you, their psychic energy might angrily come around your neck, throat and upper back. These are just a couple of examples, but there are a million and one reasons why energy could end up in your space.

Any foreign energy forcefully pushing into your energy field can cause problems, including acute upper back pain. Find out more about this kind of spiritual abuse under Spiritual Healing.

Is Someone Being a Psychic Pain in the Neck?
Keep in mind...even if someone says nothing to you verbally, they can still communicate forcefully with you on a psychic level. And spiritual communication is not limited by time and space. So someone can be on the other side of the country and their energy can still be intently focussed on you.

Channeling and Upper Back Pain
The parts of your energy system responsible for channeling are located at the back of the head, neck and upper back region. At times, spiritual beings who want to communicate or channel through you can invasively push their energy into the upper back and neck region. Whether or not you're attuned to what's going on, when pushy energies want to channel through your system it can be a real pain in the neck.


Ease and Prevention
It is important to find effective ways of releasing tension from your upper back. Certainly exercise, stretching, and maintaining a healthy posture are all useful. Energy-based meditation is particularly effective for learning to identify and release foreign energies.

Energy-based healing is another particularly effective way of releasing tension and increasing the flow of energy around the upper back. Energy-based spiritual healing can address the root causes of pain which begin in your personal energy system.

The spiritual root of neck and upper back pain often relates to psychic levels of communication and the area around the fifth chakra. A trained healer can support you in clearing out unwanted energies and getting your energy flowing so you can heal yourself. Regular energy-based healings work to ease and prevent upper back pain. Find out more about energy and aura healing.

Learning to set and define healthy boundaries can ease and prevent many upper back problems. When you take ownership of your personal psychic space, you become less vulnerable to foreign energies invading your space. Find out more about creating healthy boundaries in Healing Spiritual Abuse and Aura Meditation.

Take a Weight Off Your Shoulders
Keep in mind it is also important to identify and reduce unnecessary stresses in your life. If too many responsibilities are accumulating on your may want to consider how you can reduce expectations that are placed on you by others and by yourself. You may need to prioritize what's really important and let go of doing all those things that you don't really need to do.

Remember, it is best to approach healing upper back pain on all levels--physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

*Energy-based healing is complimentary to professional health care and not a replacement for medical attention. For acute upper back pain, also visit a chiropractor, acupuncturist, physiotherapist, medical doctor, or other qualified health care professionals.

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