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Welcome. Since 2002, Praxis Meditation Centre has been teaching people in Kelowna how to meditate, heal and become more spiritually aware. Praxis courses have also been offered through schools such as Langara College's Centre for Holistic Studies in Vancouver, The Canadian Institute of Natural Health & Healing and UBC Okanagan Continuing Studies, in Kelowna.

Meditation Level I
Experience your own spiritual energy. Explore key tools including centering, grounding, awareness of the human energy field, healthy boundaries, chakra energy centres and emotional awareness. Find out more about Meditation Level I.

EnChanted Evenings
Join us for an evening of chanting and song, the main practice of bhakti yoga. Space is limited, so be sure to register in advance. Find out more about EnChanted Evenings.

Meditative & Restorative Yoga Classes
These gentle yoga classes begin and end with meditation. We start lying down and work our way up to moderate poses. Duncan's popular yoga classes are often full with waiting lists! Find out more about Meditative & Restorative Yoga Classes.

Reiki Classes and Sessions (Japanese Energywork)
Reiki classes attune you to the limitless source of Reiki healing energy so that you may offer Reiki headings to others. Reiki private healing sessions are deeply relaxing and support spiritual healing, releasing blockages, and restoring a healthy flow through your energy system. Find out more about Reiki Classes. Or book a private Reiki Session.

Spiritual Readings
Spiritual readings offer information about your spiritual energy and your personal energy system. Find out more about Spiritual Readings.

Praxis Mailing List
Keep in touch with what's going on at Praxis Meditation Centre. Sign on to the Praxis Mailing List.

Expressive Arts and Meditation
This playful course embraces the arts as tools for relaxation, healing and therapeutic purposes. Incorporating meditation, Movement, Drawing, Poetry, Voice and Soundmaking are approached as practices for self expression, transformation and community building. Find out more about Expressive Arts and Meditation.

Individual Energywork Sessions
These one-on-one energy-based healing sessions support you in releasing blockages and restoring a healthy flow through your energy system. Find out more about Individual Energywork Sessions.

Mexico Zumba-Yoga Retreat
Join us for this one-of-a-kind Zumba-Yoga Retreat in Mexico and escape Winter this February! Fun, healthy activities with cultural experiences and natural adventures in a small, charming Mexican town with sidewalk cafes and shopping. Find out more about the Mexico Zumba-Yoga Retreat.

Meditation Brain Training
Praxis is affiliated with BrainWave Optimum Brain Training which optimizes brain function using state-of-the-art technology. Originally based on the brainwaves of Tibetan monks in advanced states of meditation, brain training technology is carefully personalized to your unique brain patterns. While the applications of Brainwave Optimization are many and varied, the most common benefits are enhanced ability to relax and meditate, better sleep and an increased sense of happiness & well-being. Learn more about BrainWave Optimum Brain Training.

About Praxis Spiritual Arts Studio
After many years of teaching through various schools and institutes, Praxis Meditation Centre was founded in 2002. More about Praxis Meditation Centre & Spiritual Arts Studio.

Praxis Teachers
Praxis is operated by an experienced, devoted duo. Find out more about the Praxis Teachers.

Our Location
Established in 2002, Praxis Spiritual Arts Studio is located on Pandosy St., directly across from the Sopa building. Praxis Location.

Praxis has been featured in a number of newspapers and magazines. Read Press.

In over 15 years of practice, many hundreds of people have benefited greatly from their experiences in our classes and sessions. Read student and client Testimonials.