Finding a Safe, Sacred Space...
a Gay Spiritual Retreat

A queer spiritual retreat, or a gay-friendly retreat, is a wonderful way to pull back from routine life patterns and reconnect with yourself on a deeper level...

gay spiritual retreat
Finding a Place to Belong
It can be difficult for anyone outside the mainstream to fit in easily. It takes more work. Minorities often run into unique challenges that would not occur to the majority. It can be especially difficult for LGBTQ people to find places to belong, both in life and in spirituality.

As a queer person, there is no question you have been wounded by discrimination--probably more than you realize. Chances have a deep need for spiritual support and validation. While times are changing, many spiritual environments still discriminate against lesbian and gay people, either openly, quietly, or unconsciously. All too often spiritual support is denied those who need it most.

Validation versus Tolerance
As social attitudes become more tolerant, we gradually see fewer outward signs of discrimination. But tolerance is a poor substitute for validation. When you're seeking healing and support, being quietly tolerated in a spiritual environment is simply not enough. Like everyone, lgbtq people need to be fully validated for who they really are.

Coming Out
Coming out can be the most difficult experience in a person's life. It can be a time of great stress and crisis. Unfortunately, many people go through this process alone, scared, confused and un-supported. Whether you are just coming out to yourself, starting to come out to friends and family, or healing past traumas around coming out, finding spiritual support and validation can be a life-line.

LGBTQ-Friendly and Gay Spiritual Retreats
It benefits everyone, queer and straight, to be in spiritually inclusive environments. In the words of Martin Luther King, "None of us are free until all of us are free."

Exclusively gay spiritual retreats can be effective for certain levels of healing. But it is also important for queer people to not keep themselves in a spiritual ghetto. It is enormously healing for gay people to be openly validated among straight people. Just remember--quiet tolerance is not a substitute for full spiritual validation.

Whether a gay-friendly or gay spiritual retreat, it is important to find welcoming environments where you feel safe and deeply at ease. Then the wonders of healing can begin...

Affirming Brain Training Retreats
Consider going on a Gay-Affirming Brain Training Retreat... Combining state of the art computer technology and meditation, brainwave training optimizes your brain function. While originally based on the brain patterns of Tibetan monks in meditation, brain training sessions are customized to your particular brain and honor the uniqueness of you as an individual. Deeply relaxing, neurologically balancing, gay-affirming, and the benefits continue to develop well after the retreat has completed. Find out more about

Affirming Brain Training Retreats.


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