Energy Healing...
and Channeling Energy

As a spiritual being, you are made of energy. Energy healing involves creating flow through your aura, energy channels and chakras. When your energy is flowing and balanced, there is a state of well-being. When your energy is blocked or out of balance, there is a lack of well-being, or dis-ease. Energy healing, an aspect of holistic healing, supports you in restoring the flow of spiritual energy through your system. When your own energy flows freely, you can heal yourself.

energy healing
Main Sources for Channeling Energy
As spirit in body, you draw on two main sources of raw energy: earth energy and cosmic energy. These blend to form your life-force and healing & creative energies.

Earth Energy
Earth energy is generated by Planet Earth. Human beings are much more energetically connected to Earth than they realize. Earth energy is a rich, denser vibration that supports you in feeling real and grounded in your physical body. A lack of earth energy can result in feeling spacey, fantasizing and being ineffective in physical reality. One of the basics of energy healing is channeling earth energy up through your feet chakras and up through the channels in your legs into the area of your pelvic cradle. Try this section for guided meditation for healing.

Cosmic Energy
Cosmic energy is generated by the stars in the cosmos. Cosmic energy is a fine, lighter energy that supports you in raising your vibration and handling change. A lack of cosmic energy can result in feeling weighed down, stuck in old ways and unaware of yourself as spirit. Cosmic energy flows down through the back of your head and down through channels in either side of your neck and spine into the area of your pelvic cradle.

Life-force Energy
Earth and cosmic energy come together and blend in the area of your pelvic cradle. You combine this blend with your spiritual essence to create a life-force vibration that is unique to you. Life-force energy supports you in having a healthy sense of who you really are and how you want to live. A lack of life-force can result in feeling weak, uncertain and lacking energy to live fully. Energy healing involves increasing the flow of life force up through channels in the front of your body.

Healing & Creative Energy
At the base of the neck, about one third of your life-force energy branches off in either direction. It becomes your healing & creative energy as it flows down through channels in your shoulders, down through the arms and releases out your hand chakras. Healing & creative energy supports you healing yourself and creating what your really want in life. Being afraid to let go and allow changes to take place can result in a lack of healing & creative energy.

This is a useful practice to add to your holistic healing tool kit. When earth, cosmic, life-force, healing & creative energies are flowing freely through these channels, there is a state of well-being. If you have blocks to the flow of these energies, there will be a lack of well-being on some level. Aura readings are an exellent way to find out more about possible blockages in your personal energy system...

Trauma and Defense Mechanisms
We all experience different types of trauma in life. Even if something doesn't seem like a trauma to our rational adult brain, it may still have been traumatizing to us as a child. When we go through difficult experiences, we often create internal defense mechanisms. These defense mechanisms block us from feeling emotions around painful experiences. But they also block the flow of our spiritual energy system.

Energy healing supports restoring flow through our energy channels. But we need to find the courage to face our experiences and feel our hidden emotions in order to allow energy to flow and truly restore well-being.

Unwanted Foreign Energies
Your energy system is designed to run on your unique vibration. When your own energy is flowing freely through your system, you feel well. But when energies from other people come right into your energy system, it creates many problems. Unwanted foreign energies interfere with the flow of your own energy. Other people's energies in your system can create blockages, confusion, internal conflict and all kinds of health problems. Energy healing supports you in releasing unwanted foreign energies from your system.

It is possible to receive distant assistance in releasing unwanted energies. Find out about Distant Healing in the section on Aura Healing.

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