Praxis Testimonials...

The following are a just a few of many Praxis student and client testimonials. In over a decade of practice, many hundreds of people have benefited greatly from their experiences in classes and sessions...

"I enjoyed every aspect of the course. I was able to come to a new level of awareness in my spiritual life..."
-Registered Nurse

"THE most USEFUL class I have EVER taken (including university!!)"
-Busy Mother

"All the tools are helpful and I will definitely use them in meditation and in everyday life after this course."
-Natural Health Practioner

"What I liked the most about the course was the hands-on approach and experimenting with the new tools and concepts--it's the best way to learn!..."
-Middle School Teacher

"Excellent. Awesome. I don't know what life would be like without doing this. This has all been amazing."

"This course provided me with more growth than I ever imagined or expected. I was just taking it because I was curious. A heart-felt thank you for all the gifts you have given me."
-Yoga Teacher

"Thank you so much...this is changing my life..."

"Great teachers, very organized curriculum, safe environment to heal and learn. I am so glad I took this course...The energy feels positive and safe. I would like to learn as much as I can about this new world. It is the beginning of an exciting journey."
-Alternative Health Practitioner

"Beautifully supportive and validating of individual process."
-Professional Musician

"I liked the group dynamics, I felt comfortable and validated among the others present at Praxis Centre."
-French Teacher

"This has been worth every minute of my time."
-Business Owner

"Very clear...this system of energy work is amazing."
-Massage Practitioner

"I am very impressed with the whole course and I am so glad I took it. You guys are great...I would like to say that you are all very gifted teachers--your knowledge, skills, format and curriculum were phenomenal!!!"
-Elementary School Teacher