Getting the Most Benefit from
Your Psychic Phone Reading...

Psychic phone readings are a convenient way to gain insight in the comfort of your own home. Just like in-person sessions, phone readings can help you identify and release blocks. Phone readings can also help you get in touch with your own energy, so you can know your own answers, and make the highest choices for yourself.

psychic phone reading
As the person receiving the reading, you are a major participant in the reading process. To get the most out of your psychic phone reading, be sure to do the following...

10 Action Points to Get the Most Benefit from Your Psychic Phone Reading...

    1. Choose a reading to suit your needs. Make this time for yourself a priority. Write down the appointment in your day planner.

    2. Plan time before your reading to prepare yourself, relax or meditate. If you're stressed or distracted, it can affect the reading.

    3. Make sure you will not be disturbed during your reading. Hang up a Do Not Disturb sign, put the dog out, etc.

    4. Create a sacred space to receive your reading. Place your chair in front of something beautiful, like flowers, a sacred figure, or a candle and incense.

    5. If you have a phone head set, or speaker phone, make sure it's ready to use.

    6. Sit comfortably upright in your chair. Sit with your feet flat on the floor, palms facing up on your lap, hands and feet separated. This creates an open circuit for your energy to flow freely. If your arms or legs are crossed, it can block the flow of your energies.

    7. Meditate to get yourself centered and grounded. This allows you to release unwanted energies and be present for your reading. See Aura Meditation in How to Meditate.

    8. Stay out of your intellectual mind as much as possible. Not everything you hear will make sense right away. You'll get some things right away and other things take a while to digest. If something doesn't fit for you, just let it go. If you listen, without trying to figure everything out right away, you will get the most benefit from your reading.

    9. Remember, the best readings are not fortune telling, nor advice-giving sessions. The best readings support you in getting in touch with your own answers, so you can heal your life. Ideally, readings empower you to choose and create whatever healthy future you're wanting for yourself.

    10. Also plan time after your reading to process your experience. If you have to rush off right after your reading, it can shut down your experience. Plan some quiet time after your reading, so you can digest and integrate this spiritual experience. After your psychic phone reading, you may want to meditate, write in your journal, or go for a quiet walk.

If you make yourself a priority, and actually do these 10 Action Points, you'll get the most benefit from your psychic phone reading.

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