Natal Charts...
Cosmic Tools for Insight

Natal charts are useful tools for personal growth and insight. But while the planets affect you, you make your own choices using free will. You have chosen to incarnate into this particular body, at this particular time, for a reason. Birth charts offer insight into your soul's intention for learning in this lifetime...

Natal charts, also known as birth charts, are a type of astrology chart. You can also find out about other types of readings, such as aura readings and past life readings in the section on Psychic Readings.

natal charts
Just as moon cycles effect ocean tides and emergency wards get busier during full moons, other planets also create energies which affect your behavior. The placement of planets at the time of birth is especially important as it reflects the personality blueprint for your life. A chart of the placement of planets at the time of your birth is known as a natal chart.

Free Will Astrology
The full moon might make you feel restless or agitated, but it does not tell you exactly what to do. Planets also create tendencies rather than making choices. Astrology works a bit like the weather. If it is sunny, there may be a tendency to go for a walk, or have a picnic, or swim at the beach. If it is cloudy, you can still go for a walk, have a picnic, or even swim at the beach, but the weather would not be so favorable. Like weather, astrology creates conditions which affect us, but human beings make choices with their free will.

A Cosmic Blueprint for Learning...
Your soul has chosen to incarnate into this particular body for a reason. Like a cosmic blueprint, your chart provides information about how your body is hardwired. This offers insight into your soul's purpose for this lifetime. This body has certain gifts and abilities, as well as certain challenges and shortcomings. The strengths and weaknesses of your body-personality reflect your soul's intention to learn something.

Some people misuse birth charts as an excuse to avoid learning and responsibility, saying things like, "I can't help it, I'm a Leo", or "That's just who I am, my moon is in Pisces." Again, astrology creates conditions, but you make your own choices.

Your soul is bigger than your body and your soul is bigger than your birth chart. If a part of your personality is healthy and working for you--great, no problem. But if a part of your personality is unhealthy and not working for you--you can work on it. You are not a victim to your natal chart. It is wise to use your birth chart as a tool for learning, growth and healing, not as an excuse to justify poor behavior.

Interpreting Birth Charts
For several reasons, charts may appear to contain contradictions. One reason is human beings are full of contradictions! We are complex creatures who display different traits at different times.

There may also appear to be other contradictions because computers cannot interpret your birth chart as a whole. Computer formulas interpret your chart just one piece at a time. But strengths in one part of your chart may balance weaknesses in another part. So it is important to consider your natal chart as a whole, bigger than specific parts. Computers cannot weigh and balance the whole chart for you.

Also keep in mind that--due to social pressures--certain parts of your personality may have been encouraged, while other parts of your personality may have been repressed. Computer programs do not consider the culture you were raised in, nor your family's expectations. While very useful, programs do not think holistically and computers cannot replace human insight.

Helpful Hint
Modern Western astrology is based on astrology from ancient Greece. There are also other systems which calculate and interpret charts differently. With any field of study, there are different methods and approaches.

Simply take the insights a chart has to offer and let go of anything that doesn't fit with your own truth. Natal charts are an excellent tool for learning, but should not to be mistaken as absolute truth. Used wisely, natal charts offer insights about your personality and promote deeper spiritual awareness, growth and healing.

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