Clairvoyants: Finding the Right One for You...

Are you interested in getting a psychic reading? Clairvoyants come in many different forms. How do you find the best one for you? Some factors to consider are: the type of reading, your budget, timing and availability, credibility of company and reader and...your own intuition.

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Type of Reading

If you're especially interested in exploring a particular type of reading, then that can help focus your search in the giant sea of psychic readings. For example, if you've never had an aura reading before and would like to explore that, then finding someone who specializes in aura readings would be the way to go. Or, if you've had aura readings before and got a lot out of them and you feel most comfortable with that type of reading, there's no problem staying with what's already working for you. However, if you're feeling particularly drawn to a channeled reading, then finding a channeller would make the most sense. But don't go to a channeller for a tarot or palm reading, unless they're adept at those modalities as well! If you're not particular--and you just want some type of psychic reading, then look to the factors below in choosing a reader…

Your Budget

There is a huge price range in the psychic reading market place. Prices vary based on many factors, including length of reading, experience of reader, location of reading and the client demographic a reader typically works with. Some readers only work by the hour, some will work by the minute. Prices vary a lot country to country and city to city. Some readers cater to wealthy clientele, others are more modestly priced. While it is useful to stay within your budget, it is also not advisable to make money the single most important factor. Psychic readings can help you get in touch with intuitive guidance and shape and change the course of your life. You can avoid many of life's pitfalls and move your life in a direction of happiness, health and prosperity with the support of valuable reading. So it a good idea to honor the expense of a psychic reading and not be so cheap that you cheat yourself out of the best fit for you, when all is considered--including your budget!

Timing and Availability

The timing of the reading and availability of the reader are also important factors. If you have a final job interview tomorrow and need a reading asap in order to help you decide whether or not to take the job, then you need immediate availability. A great reading 2 weeks from now doesn't fit the bill. However, if you're dealing with long term issues that are not urgent and you're able to wait, then many excellent readers will be booked for some time in advance.

Credibility of the Company and/or the Reader

Credibility of the company and or individual reader is a key piece to consider. Do you trust the company offering the services? Does the reader strike you as genuine and caring? Clairvoyants come in many different forms. They come from many different cultures, backgrounds, female, male, etc. There are authentic people with something useful to offer from many different walks of life. Unfortunately, there are also readings that aren't so helpful. Sometimes because they are just not the best fit for you at the particular time. Sometimes your own energy can be throwing off the reading for certain reasons. Other times, the reading is not so helpful because the reader does not have the clearest energy or the cleanest intentions. Psychics are people too…and sometimes they are very wounded themselves, or they have over-inflated egos, or in some cases, they're just doing it for the money. How do you tell if the reader is the best fit for you? See below…

Your Own Intuition

The most important factor in choosing a clairvoyant is…your own intuition! Do you feel like you can trust this person? Do you feel safe baring your soul in front of this reader? Do you like them? Do you sense they care about you as a person? Even if you're nervous about getting a reading, or what you might hear...Even if the reader might challenge you at times to look at things differently...Even if you might be uncomfortable during a reading because of your own issues and fears...That's all okay. Do you still believe your reader has your best interests at heart? Do you feel safe enough with them to let yourself be vulnerable? If the answer is "Yes", then you've found yourself a reader who is probably the best clairvoyant for you--at least right here and right now.

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