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In fact, we live in a sea of energy. Everything is energy, including you. The field of energy around your physical body forms your aura. Every thought, feeling and experience you have affects the vibration of this energy field.

Everyone, everything--even each place--has an energy field. In relation to other people, have you ever noticed that when you're around certain people you tend to feel calmer and happier, but when you're around certain other people you tend to feel stressed and agitated? A number of factors could be at play, but it's quite possible that you're picking up on the vibrational tone of their energy fields--perhaps without even realizing it.

Likewise, objects carry distinct vibrations. A gift given to you in love feels very different than a gift given to you out of obligation. The object may be the same in each case, but the energy the object carries will be palpably different.

Similarly, have you ever been to a place that felt sacred to you--like a temple, a cathedral, or a beautiful place in nature? Or on the other hand, have you ever been somewhere where the energy felt somehow off--for example, in a room where the tension was so thick, you felt you could 'cut it with a knife'? These are examples of energy affecting places, and our perception of these places, in ways that many people have experienced.

It is possible for you to become increasingly aware of energy vibrations in yourself, others, objects and places. Practices like spiritual healing, learning how to meditate, and developing psychic awareness all support you in becoming conscious of energy.

Increasing your awareness starts the process of healing. And eventually you will even be able to support others in healing and becoming more conscious.

Most importantly though, the journey of becoming more aware of auras and spiritual energy begins with choosing to heal yourself...